Monday, July 9, 2012

Summer 12

its summer that means: partys, going out their , pool time, tanning, tweeting about summer (mallfreek27).  listing to the new summer music (windows down by B.T.R)
  so here is the fashion part:
  1. tops: crop, tanks
  2. shorts
  3. flip flops
  4. swim wear
summer all the time♥

Sunday, January 1, 2012

the 4 seasons

spring summer fall winter

Spring: kinda cold, breeze
March: crop jeans, TOMS, light colored nail posh, short sleeves, dresses AE, light sweater, bobby pins, carried away@
April: swim wear (spring break 12), crop jeans AE, flats, sunglasses, light scarves, Vera Bradley wallets, short sleeves, Dancing water@
May: shorts AE, short sleeves, f sunglasses, light colored nail posh, big bag
Sweet pea@

Summer: hot!
June: shorts, short sleeve shirts, sunglasses, bright colored nail posh flip flops, book bag , sunshine forever@
July: Shorts, tanks, sunglasses, royal blue nail posh, short sleeve, flip flops, Fiji@
August: crop shorts, T’s, ocean shirts, TOMS, light jackets, coconut lime breeze@
leaves are starting to change.

Autumn: football
September: T’s, hat, boots, book bag, glasses, dark color nail posh gold eye showed. Warm vanilla sugar@
October: T’s, tanks with a light sweater, jeans, dark color nail boots, feathers, browns, coach bag, sensual Amber@
November: dress with tight, boots, sweater, your favorite teams wear, jeans, big bag, T’s scarves, hats with bobby pin. Black Amethyst@

Winter: cold

Boots, jeans coats hats, long sleeves , sliver nail posh, gloves, sweaters, twilight woods@
Boots, long sleeves, gloves, hats, jeans, sweaters, big bags, colored nail posh. Paris amour@
February: scarves, boots, jeans, sweaters, colored nail posh, slippers, p.s. I love you@
***if you have boots on wear socks***

Well (my birthday in the spring so my fashion is more powerful in the spring)so that’s my fashion…. What’s yours?
Happy new year to everyone 2012!!